Hi! I am Chaoyi Chen!

I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in the Rutgers Department of Linguistics.
I am interested in Syntax, Semantics, and Syntax-Morphology interface.
Language-wise, I specialize in Mandarin Chinese and Fuzhou Chinese (a prestige variety of the Eastern Min Branch of Min Chinese).
In July, I finished my first qualifying paper on the concessive reading of scalar particles (English still and Mandarin hai). Please email me for a copy.

Recent activities:

2020, Online repository. Presupposition licenses limited ellipsis: evidence from the nonverbal wh-question in Mandarin. Talk at CLS-56. The University of Chicago.

2020, September. Two Effects of the Utterance-final Particle hao-bu-hao in Mandarin Chinese. Talk at NACCL-32. University of Connecticut.[virtual]